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Central Credit Register

The Central Credit Register has been established in accordance with the Central Credit Register Act (Official Gazette of RS, No. 77/16), and constitutes a centralised national database on the indebtedness of individuals and legal entities.

It has been established for the purpose of exercising the Bank of Slovenia’s powers and tasks (particularly in the area of monetary policy, financial stability, macroprudential supervision and risk management) and for the purpose of managing the Data Exchange System.

Legal basis

The Central Credit Register Act (ZCKR) defines who is required to submit data to the Central Credit Register, which data is collected for what purpose and by whom and when the data may be accessed.

The Bank of Slovenia collects data and information for the Central Credit Register from the following entities:

  • banks in Slovenia,
  • branches of Member State banks or third-country banks established in Slovenia,
  • lenders established in Slovenia,
  • lenders established in another Member State or a third country that have established a branch in Slovenia and enter into credit operations in the territory of Slovenia as lenders,
  • members of the Data Exchange System.

The data and information from the Central Credit Register may be used for:

  •  the exercise of the Bank of Slovenia’s powers and tasks,
  •  the system for the exchange of information on individual indebtedness (SISBON),
  • the system for the exchange of information on legal entities (SISBIZ).


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