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Bank of Slovenia

Laws and Regulations

Monetary policy

Financial stability

Banking Supervision

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Resolution of banks

Payment and Settlement Systems



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Central Credit Register


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Bank of Slovenia

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About Bank of Slovenia

The Organization Structure

The Management of the Bank of Slovenia

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Conferences and Seminars

The Library

Laws and Regulations

Banking Supervision

Banknotes and Coins

Euro Coins

Slovenian Tolar

Euro Banknotes

Foreign Exchange

Monetary Policy Implementation (Operations and Collateral)

Money Laundering Prevention

Payment Services and Payment Systems

Other Regulations

Regulations on application of ESA GL

Resolution and Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Monetary policy

The Bank of Slovenia in the Eurosystem

Functioning of the Eurosystem


Decision-making bodies



Monetary Policy Implementation

Bank of Slovenia as Correspondent Central Bank

Collateral Issues

PSPP securities lending

Legal framework

Standard Eurosystem monetary policy instruments

Eurosystem monetary policy eligible counterparties

Non-standard measures

Frequently Asked Questions

History of Economic and Monetary Union


The Euro

10th anniversary of the euro

Introduction of the euro in Lithuania

Introduction of the euro in Slovenia

History of the euro's introduction

Conversion rates between other currencies and the euro

Criteria for the introduction of the euro

Euro banknotes and euro coins

Exchange of tolars for euros

Financial stability

Financial Stability Publications

Macroprudential instruments


Countercyclical capital buffer

O-SII buffer

Limits on deposit rates

Instruments for the real estate market

Macroprudential policy strategy

Financial Stability Board (FSB)

Macro-prudential oversight in the EU

Banking Supervision

Stress tests

Credit institutions and registers of payment and electronic money institutions

Banks in Slovenia

Savings banks in Slovenia

EEA state's credit institutions in Slovenia

Representative offices of credit institutions in Slovenia

EEA state´s special financial institutions in Slovenia

Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM)

Supervisory disclosure


Corporate financial indicators

Agregate statistical data

Options and national discretions

Rules and guidance

Information on non-performing exposures

Data on exposures collateralized by immovable property

Administrative penalties

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Deposit Guarantee Schemes Abroad

Resolution of banks

Bank Resolution Fund

Contributions to the fund

Resolution and compulsory winding up of banks

Payment and Settlement Systems

Review of fees for providing payment services

Business continuity in payment and settlement systems

Ensuring business continuity at the national level

Supervision of currency exchange operations

List of exchange offices

Bank of Slovenia authorisations

Reporting on currency exchange operations

Supervision of electronic money institutions

Register of electronic money institutions

Bank of Slovenia authorisations

Reporting by electronic money institutions

Supervision of payment institutions

Register of payment institutions

Bank of Slovenia authorisations

Reporting by payment institutions

Oversight of payment and settlement systems

Oversight of payment systems

Oversight of securities settlement systems

Oversight of other arrangements

Bank of Slovenia authorisations

Securities settlement


National TARGET2-Securities user group

Central Securities Depository


SEPA in Slovenia


Payment instruments

Transaction account

Standard transaction account structure

Control calculations (BBAN and IBAN)

Mandatory use of the IBAN in payment transactions

Types of bank account

Register of transaction accounts

Connection to pan-European payment systems



Payment systems in Slovenia

Poravnava bankomatov

Multilateralni kliring MasterCard

Multilateralni kliring Activa

Plačilni sistem Moneta



Poravnava kartic

IDs and BICs

National Payments Council

Participation in the National Payments Council

About the National Payments Council



Euro area statistics

Special data dissemination standards - SDDS

Advance release calendar

Economic and financial data for Slovenia according to DSBB

Interest rates

Base interest rate (tom) and penalty interest rate (zom)

Tolar interest rates until 2006

Long-term interest rates for convergence purposes

European Central Bank interest rates

Household finance and consumption (HFCN)

First release - rapid reports

External statistics

Monetary balance sheets

List of contact persons

Data series

Data series

Data series Methodology

Exchange rates and precious metals prices

Average foreign exchange rates

Tolar exchange rates 1991-2006

Bank of Slovenia exchange rates - ECB reference rates

Bid and ask rates for Bank of Slovenia clients

Bank of Slovenia foreign exchange rates - Currencies not published as ECB reference rates

Publications and information

Monthly Bulletin

Financial Accounts

Direct investment

Net financial assets of the Bank of Slovenia


Other publications

Handbook for MSME NPL Management and Workout

Policy Strategy Paper for Slovenia

Report of the Bank of Slovenia for the National Assembly, March 2015

Publications - Stress test and Comprehensive Review


ECB publications

Slovenia & EU


Surveys and Analyses

Bank of Slovenia Working Papers

Research Bulletin

Annual and Periodical Reports

Annual Reports

Periodical Reports

Former Publications

Banknotes and Coins

Numismatic News

Euro Coins

Republic of Slovenia Commemorative Coins

Republic of Slovenia Collector Coins


Slovenian tolar

Payment Notes

Security Features of Tolar Banknotes


Currency Coins

Commemorative Editions Bank of Slovenia

Commemorative Editions Republic of Slovenia

Euro Counterfeits

Suspect banknotes

Bank of Slovenia Numismatic Products


The Certification Authority at the Bank of Slovenia

Digital Certificates used by the CA

The CA infrastructure


Application forms

Certificate policy (CP)

Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL)

Central Credit Register

Data exchange system

Mandatory members of the Data Exchange System

Optional members of the Data Exchange System

Lenders that may access a limited dataset

Bank of Slovenia
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