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Monthly Bulletin


Datum Naslov Številka Format  
26 Oct 2017Monthly Bulletin October 2017 Vol. XXVI No. 10PDFSpletno listanjeMobilno spletno listanje 
27 Sep 2017Monthly Bulletin September 2017 Vol. XXVI No. 9PDFSpletno listanjeMobilno spletno listanje 
30 Aug 2017Monthly Bulletin July-August 2017 Vol. XXVI No. 7-8PDFSpletno listanjeMobilno spletno listanje 
28 Jun 2017Monthly Bulletin June 2017 Vol. XXVI No. 6PDFSpletno listanjeMobilno spletno listanje 
30 May 2017Monthly Bulletin May 2017 Vol. XXVI No. 5PDFSpletno listanjeMobilno spletno listanje 
28 Apr 2017Monthly Bulletin April 2017 Vol. XXVI No. 4PDFSpletno listanjeMobilno spletno listanje 
28 Mar 2017Monthly Bulletin March 2017 Vol. XXVI No. 3PDFSpletno listanjeMobilno spletno listanje 
24 Feb 2017Monthly Bulletin February 2017 Vol. XXVI No. 2PDFSpletno listanjeMobilno spletno listanje 
30 Jan 2017Monthly Bulletin January 2017 Vol. XXVI No. 1PDFSpletno listanjeMobilno spletno listanje 
30 Dec 2016Monthly Bulletin December 2016 Vol. XXV No. 12PDFSpletno listanjeMobilno spletno listanje 

The Bank of Slovenia's publications are available online only and are no longer printed. For more information, please call +386 1 471 90 00.

Statistical tables are now linked with matching data series on our site.

From January 2015 only Statistical tables are included in the Monthly Bulletin. Summary is available as a separate publication:


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27 September2017

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